About Mic

Michaela is devoted to spreading love. 
She is motivated by the ability to effect positive change,  which stems from a core belief that each individual has a unique set of experiences and talents that can be used to create a more peaceful world. Michaela is a twenty-something who wakes up each day excited by the opportunity to alchemize inclusion, connection, and healing simply through authentic self-expression. 
Michaela has had a lifelong interest in developmental psychology and resilience: What determines if and how we heal from trauma? She created Mic Loves Me to centralize and share the mental health and metaphysical healing tools and practices that have helped her shift from struggling to surviving, and surviving to thriving. 
The Mic Loves Me community is an uplifting refuge for empathic starseeds who choose courage over coasting and love over fear, to learn, heal, and spread magic together. 
Thank you for wielding your power of love to shatter stigmas and social constructions to spark connection and evolution. 
If you stumbled upon this, you’re meant to be here.
You are divine.
Mic Loves You, and I can’t wait to connect!
With Love and Blessings,
Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo smiling with a tarot and oracle deck
Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo