About Mic Loves Me

Mic Loves Me shares tools that aid us in harnessing our innate powers to heal ourselves to heal the world.
Mic Loves Me breaks down limiting beliefs, shares accessible healing practices, inspires us to recognize our innate magic, and empowers us all to hone our most potent potential through authentic self-expression.
The Mic Loves Me community coalesces those committed to transmuting negativity in their worlds to enlighten our shared universe, and holds space to share, support, and connect.
You can’t spell Mic Loves Me without “I Love Me.”
The Mic Loves Me community recognizes that when we heal ourselves, we heal the world;
And in order to heal the world, we must heal ourselves.
We cannot show others the unconditional love and support that they deserve until we fully accept, embrace, and love our authentic selves.
The Mic Loves Me community supports each other in fostering unconditional love for ourselves to reverberate kindness, compassion, and transcendence across our worlds.
Honoring the Divine Connection Among All
Awareness and Appreciation
Commitment to Growing Ourselves to Positively Contribute to the World
Products and Services
  • Intentionality: Each product and service is intentionally designed to nurture our inner magic and comes accompanied by a description of the item's healing powers, along with a guided meditation on how to accelerate your manifestation.
  • Individuality: The single connector between all humans is that we are each unique. Mic Loves Me imitates the individuality that bridges us all by creating only one-of-a-kind specialty healing tools. 
  • Love: Above all, Mic Loves Me is created to spread love.

The Mic Loves Me Logo represents the transcendence attainable through intentionality and love.
The Mic Loves Me logo is an illustration of the signature Mic Loves Me cleansing, grounding, aligning, connecting, and protecting meditation. An upside down heart resembles crossed legs in a meditative position. From the upside down heart, a pillar of light represents the connection between the inner earth’s stardust and human’s stardust origins. Above the top heart, another pillar of light connects to a head, illustrated by a circle, which represents the divine guidance that beams from above directly into our inner-knowing. The figure is surrounded by a protective orb of white light that maintains energetic equilibrium regardless of external stimuli. All in all, the Mic Loves Me logo represents living in alignment and love.
  • One-of-a-kind jewelry and home decor, accompanied by information on the tool’s healing properties, an activating meditation, and fill-in-the-blank affirmation
  • Downloadable Guided Meditations
  • Tarot Reading with optional customized affirmations, art, and jewelry