Dear Divine Love,
Thank you for granting yourself the patience, compassion, and love needed to heal yourself, which is what heals the world. 
Thank you for embracing your inner child and for recognizing your creative potential, for it is the faith and vision of resilient believers that lead the world towards light. 
Thank you for realizing and sharing your unique inner magic to alchemize a brighter world. 
Thank you for wielding your power of love to shatter stigmas and social constructions to spark connection and evolution.
Thank you for radically accepting and appreciating what is, beginning with you. And for the ripple effect of compassion that your self-love revolution inspires.
Thank you for doing the work to harvest harmony.
Thank you for choosing consciousness over coasting and love over fear. 
For these reasons, you may declare:
Mic Loves Me!
With Love and Blessings,