Tarot Readings


About Tarot:
Tarot is a card-based divination tool dating back to the 15th century.  
Tarot reading is the practice of interpreting divine wisdom to gain insight and achieve clarity in navigating relationships, opportunities, and life changes. 
Mic’s Readings:
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As a reader, I see all cards as having positive implications. I do not sugarcoat card translations, but I fundamentally believe the cards only communicate opportunities for divine alignment and, therefore, are only positive. 
Before beginning, I lead us in a guided meditation to cleanse, ground, center, align, and protect our energies.
Then, we discuss the challenges or questions a querent has until we can articulate what type of guidance the querent seeks.
After the querent pulls their cards, I ask the querent about their interpretations of the cards because I believe a person’s intuitive reaction to the cards has the most salient messages for the querent. I help the querent make sense of their reactions and the card’s communication until the querent feels clear and confident in the guidance they received.
Mic on Tarot:
Reading tarot for others gives me the gift of facilitating the connection between another with their intuition and divine guidance!
The most positive transformative growth I’ve undergone in the past few years has been learning to trust my intuition. Listening to my intuition has empowered me to navigate choices and challenges with greater clarity and ease. The tool that has enabled me to hear and trust my intuition more than anything else is tarot.
Getting to see people transform through a reading from being cautious and uncertain on a matter to being confident in and connected to their truth is a gift I cannot thank you each enough for giving me!
I can’t wait to connect!
Committed to providing ample opportunity for a tarot reading to become a positive turning point in one’s journey, I offer takeaways to help the querent center and apply the knowledge gained during our session.
I highly recommend the personalized affirmation based on your reading to summarize divine communication and help integrate recommendations. 
The personalized affirmation art, available as a poster or digital background, is a beautiful way to encourage the querent daily to embody the energy or mindset for their happiest and healthiest lives.
The jewelry, composed of crystals and gemstones that carry the energy your reading indicates could enhance your life, and made in your favorite colors, can be a mobile reminder of your divine mission and constantly inspire the embodiment of your goal.